iOS Twitter Update Addresses Quick Bar Complaints

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Following a backlash of complaints about the recent Twitter for iPhone update that added the Quick Bar feature, the social networking service rolled out another update it hopes will make users at least a little happier. The new update, released on Wednesday, moves the Quick Bar above the tweet search field instead of dropping it over user’s twitter stream.

Twitter kind of fixes the Quick BarTwitter’s latest update addresses Quick Bar complaints

The Twitter 3.3.1 update doesn’t include an option to disable the Quick Bar, but in addition to moving its location so it’s less obtrusive the update also includes a fix for location services-related crashes, security improvements, and improved performance.

The Quick Bar shows current trending topics on Twitter. When the feature was introduced, it dropped a translucent bar on top of user’s timelines that went away only when they scrolled through the tweet list.

Twitter for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.


Scott B in DC

It is still annoying! I wish Twitterific did not remove the option to use multiple accounts on the free version. Before they mucked with it, Twitterific for the iPhone was great, even with the ads. Now you get ads and only one account. Unfortunately, Echofon has a clunky feel. I need a better iPone app to access Twitter!

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