iPad Featured in Reuters Coverage of Syrian Civil War

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Apple's technology is everywhere, but a photograph of an iPad being used on the front lines in the civil war in Syria is garnering media attention. The photograph shows a member of the Free Syria Army using an iPad to eyeball-aim a mortar.

The image comes from a Reuters story about Russian comments on forcing rebel factions in Syria to the bargaining table. Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin are staunch allies of the Assad regime in Syria, for those keeping score at home, and there are more details in the Reuters piece.

Matt Appenfeller (‏@mwa4) noticed the iPad in the picture, and tweeted:

Matt McDermott (@mattmfm) then noticed this and retweeted it, along with a copy of the photo:

Over the years, Apple fans have long enjoyed seeing Apple products out in the wild. As the company has become a power house in the mobile space, however, "in the wild" has come to have a far broader definition.

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Lee Dronick

The Gunner’s Quadrant App


Seriously? That’s the name of the app?


Well… it is just a matter of angles, course it probably doesn’t compensate for wind…


Come on!!

This is clearly something concoted by the reporter to shot a possible award winning photo.

There’s no chance in hell this is real. :D


Dave Hamilton

Too bad (for Apple) that their logo is upside down. Steve would never have let that happen.

Tom Schmidt

I know it’s not a nuclear weapon, but isn’t that somehow a violation of the license agreement? A mortar could be considered a “weapon of mass destruction”.

Lee Dronick

Jack, I don’t think that there such an app, he is probably using one of the leveling apps such as the one from Stanley Tools. That would probably work, and is probably more accurate than the old tyme gunner’s quadrants that used a plumb bob to find vertical. However, as Daemon pointed out it wouldn’t take into account the offeset from wind. He would have to use “Kentucky Windage”, the gunner’s estimation by eye, or the eye of spotter if they are using indirect fire.

A Gunner’s Quadrant: http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/images/I067/10328259.aspx

Lee Dronick

I do need to add that there are rangefinding apps, and apps that include it. I have this one


Lee Dronick

@ Tom Schmidt. True a mortor round can kill a number of people just as poison gas can, but they are not considered a weapon of mass destruction.

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