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The iPad is great for editing and managing your photos on the go -- until you need to select multiple images, that is. Turns out there's an easy way to select a group of photos to share or delete once you know the trick. Read on to learn how.

To select select more than one image at a time in the iPad's Photos app, first make sure you're in an album, which can include the Photos or Photo Stream views. Now tap the Edit button that's hiding in the upper right corner, then tap photos to select them. The photos you select will show a check mark in the lower right corner.

Tap and swipe with two fingers to quickly select multiple pics in Photos on the iPadTap and swipe with two fingers to quickly select multiple pics in Photos on the iPad

That gets tedious if you have more than a couple photos to select. To select a larger group of images, tap and hold on the first with two fingers, and then drag across the other images you want to include. Once you're done selecting images you can share or delete them as a group.

The two-finger tap-and-drag trick works great on the iPad, but it isn't an option on the iPhone or iPod touch. Thanks to their substantially smaller screen sizes, you'd need really tiny fingers to tap and hold on those little thumbnail images.

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Lee Dronick

Thanks for the tip on the two finger drag


That’s cool.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to delete photos from my Camera Roll that I have moved to an album? The delete button says it will delete from everywhere. The button to move a photo to an album does not remove it from the Camera Roll.

Lee Dronick

Webjpgrm, I think that the photos in an album are just aliases of the originals in the camera roll. You can have the same photo in a number of albums without having to make a copy for each.

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