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Apple announced the second generation iPad on Wednesday, March 2, but it won’t be available until Friday, March 11. Like most everything Apple sells, you can order online or pick one up at your local Apple Store, but with this launch you might need to do a little extra planning ahead of time.

Unlike the launch of the original iPad, Apple isn’t offering a pre-order option, or the ability to reserve units ahead of time for pick up at Apple Stores. Instead, you’ll be able to place orders online starting on March 11 — which also happens to be the same day you can go stand in line to buy one in person.

How to Buy iPad Web siteApple’s iPad 2 order page

Apple already has a Web site set up and ready to go for customers that want to get in on some second generation iPad action as soon as possible, but there aren’t any options for early orders.

The Mac Observer’s checked with a few Apple Retail stores and found that they don’t know yet how early they can open and start selling iPads on the 11th. Since the launch is just over a week away, they should have schedule details soon.

Other retailers are still waiting to hear if they will have any iPad 2 inventory available for the launch.

Unless Apple changes its iPad 2 pre-order options in the next few days, there’s a good chance all early adopters will find themselves standing in line early next Friday morning.

The second generation iPad is thinner and lighter than the first generation model, includes a dual core A5 processor, built-in front and rear-facing digital cameras, support for capturing HD video, supports GSM and CDMA wireless data networks, includes built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, and is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities in either white or black starting at US$499.


Mike Glass

The iPad page on Apple’s web site claims 5:00 PM on the 11th for in-store purchases.


Why in bleep cant we preorder? I don’t get it

Scott B in DC

If you cannot pre-order and you are bound and determined to get an iPad, you will camp out in front of a store. If you camp out in front of a store, Apple will get free advertising on the evening news when they show the lines and interview the people on the line. “Look at the buzz for the latest from Apple,” they’ll say. It will get attention and make others drool that much more. All that drool and Apple does not have to pay one cent for that advertising. Genius!!

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