iPad 2 Line Starts in Texas

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Apple’s iPad 2 isn’t available until the afternoon of Friday, March 11, but that hasn’t stopped one potential customer from setting up a tent outside their local Apple Store to be first in line. The tent is sitting outside the Knox Street store’s temporary location on McKinney Avenue, according to The MacCast.

iPad 2 tent line: It beginsThe iPad 2 line starts in Texas

The iPad 2 launch is a little different than the original iPad roll out because Apple isn’t offering pre-order sales or reservations, so anyone that wants the new tablet on day one will have to stand in line. Online sales will be available some time on March 11.

The MacCast suspects the tent outside the Knox Street store may belong to Justin Wagoner, who gained his moment of fame by being the first in line for the iPhone 4, too.

Apple’s iPad 2 was introduced by Steve Jobs at a special media event several days ago. The new version of the multimedia tablet includes a new Apple-designed A5 dual-core processor, faster graphics, front and rear-facing digital cameras, a built-in gyroscope, support for GSM or CDMA wireless data networks, and black or white bezels.

[Image courtesy of The MacCast.]

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Klum See

They will have it at Walmart and Target, making this early move even more clumsy and inefficient than it was before.


Life. Get one.


They will have it at Walmart and Target, making this early move even more clumsy and inefficient than it was before.

Agree completely.

However, Apple will get free publicity from all the campers.


Intruder said on March 7th, 2011 at 11:46 AM:

Life. Get one.

Seems to me like he has one that he’s enjoying quite thoroughly.  You’re just jealous that you’re stuck doing something you don’t want to be doing and he’s getting to camp out in front of a retail store and likely still making money.

People that say “get a life” need to evaluate theirs before making said comment.  Flippin’ ass hats.


Gee, Jesse. Touch a nerve did we?


  Quote Selected Text

Jesse said on March 7th, 2011 at 1:09 PM:

Get a life!


Jesse has a bit of a temper.
Give him a break.
(I have a bit on one, too. Many do.)


dude, I think those people get piad by apple to camp.
Otherwise, smart people who know the advantages of Ipad wont do such a suipd move!


So what if some person wants to be first and camps out and waits.

If thats what floats his or her boat, then who else should care ?

It’s not hurting any of us,right ?

Jim Long

I waited 3 hours to get the original iPhone, but I think that was different… it was version 1.  This is an upgrade and its several days before…. a bit much even for me!


He is there for the iPad 3

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