iPad 2 Ship Date May be Only Days Away

| Rumor

Apple will be hosting an iPad-related media event on March 2, and according to the latest rumor the company may be ready to start shipping the second generation version of its multimedia tablet only days after it is introduced.

Word of the early iPad 2 availability comes courtesy of AppleInsider and the usual “people familiar with the matter.”

Second gen iPads may be available this week

According to the unnamed sources, the company is ramping up for what appears to be a large scale product launch this week and not just a product announcement. If true, the second generation iPad launch will come about a week after Apple introduced new MacBook Pro models along with the developer preview of Mac OS X 10.7.

There aren’t any sources backing up AppleInsider’s report, so for now the news should be treated as yet another iPad-related rumor.


Lee Dronick

Whatever and whenever it comes, it will be splendid, however. Cute link, SHF.

Lee Dronick

Whatever and whenever it comes, it will be splendid,

And with a Thunderbolt port


I see the Xoom already shaking in its boots!!  By the way, is it just me, or does the new Xoom commercial seem to come across as just plain desperate?  The whole Transformers theme with the spaceship engulfing the guy while he plays a game.  Wow, such overkill!!  Just show what the stupid thing can do!!  Stop with all the nauseating special effects!!

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