iPad 2 Ship Dates Slip to 4 Weeks

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Apple’s new iPad 2 inventory appears to be completely depleted after the first weekend of availability and online order ship times have been pushed out to three to four weeks. The company’s new multi-media tablet began selling online at 4AM eastern time on Friday, March 11, and within hours was already showing up to three week shipping delays.

Despite the extended shipping delays, Apple is still letting customers order up to two units online.

iPad 2iPad 2 online delays hit four weeks

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new iPad 2 at a special media event earlier this month. The new models are available in black or white, sport a dual-core A5 processor, front and rear-facing digital cameras, a built-in gyroscope, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, a thinner body, and more.

Shoppers hoping to pick up a new iPad in stores look to be out of luck, too. Apple ran through the inventory it shipped to its own stores and other retailers in a matter of hours on Friday, and the limited quantities delivered on Saturday sold out quickly, too.



I wonder if the sell out will force a delay in the Australian release ?


What an absurd device.  Goes to show people will line up for anything they think makes them look cool.


@AL Psychology 101: I never saw buying the iPad as looking cool. I got it because I think IT is cool. You on the other hand, need things to make you feel/look cool, hence your point of view.


That’s ok, Al.  You can just keep posting your comments on your bondi blue iMac.

Rick James

@Al, You’re an idiot…  You should consider most people actually use the device for which it was intended, u don’t see people with iPads strapped to them trying to look cool.  In my case it makes my job easier in being mobile to remotely troubleshoot Network issues.  People like you clog the web with useless comments.  Personally I don’t like the whole shortage issue and apple should have limited 1 per customer if they were that short on supply.


What an absurd device.  Goes to show people will line up for anything they think makes them look cool.

What an absurd comment. Goes to show people will troll about anything they think makes them look cool.


Wonder if people like Al get bored being stupid. What does he do in his spare time besides being stupid. Maybe stupid is a full time occupation. Do the stupid hang out with other stupid people or sit around home just being stupid alone?


C’mon guys… stop feeding the troll…  Just ignore him and he’ll go away.

With respect to the original topic of the article…

The new version is definitely very cool…  Still, it doesn’t do what I need it to do to meet what would be one of my primary uses for it, giving lectures in university classrooms.

Video out is only mirroring… I need to be able to do the same with it with Keynote as I can do on my MBP; slides on the video out, my notes on the built in screen.  Ideally it should wirelessly link to my iphone, or to my MBP so I can control the slide show from the iphone or ipad respectively.

And Keynote is still an open question; the current version doesn’t support presenter’s notes, so that makes the iOS version of it useless for me, among other features it lacks compared to the OSX version.

Those issues aside, I would certainly use it for other things, but just can’t justify the purchase until I can also use it for working, and not just for fun.


What an absurd device.  Goes to show people will line up for anything they think makes them look cool.


Funny… the need to distinguish yourself


@b0wz3r: But you know, I have a strong feeling that the ipad may never “go there”. I also have a sneaking feeling it will not ever have a USB port. See, I think Steve Jobs isnt yet ready to have his products eating each other for dinner. He wants to have you NEED your MBP, but he also wants you to NEED your iphone, as WELL as your Ipad. I think, imho, that he is wanting to create distinctly different products. The ipad has soooo many applications (uses, not apps, although it has a lot of those, too!) that are actually different than the MBP or MBA, even though there is naturally some overlap. If he ends up letting you do everything on the ipad that you can do on the MBP, well, then he will likely lose his laptop purchasers, especially since you can even get keyboards for the ipad. Just my opinion.

And as for the original post, my ship date is April 11, with delivery by April 18. I am hoping that changes, but I can wait…I waited through the first gen so whats another few weeks? But even if Apple could have predicted the demand, we have to keep in mind that ipad one just came out not long ago, the specs for the 2 probably didnt get finalized til less than a year ago, and then there is production, in secrecy, as you know thats how Apple rolls. So they can only make so many so quickly. We just have to learn to be patient…delay that gratification!

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