iPad Battery Replacement Includes new iPad

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Since the iPad ships with a battery that isn’t user replaceable, potential customers have been asking how Apple will deal with dead batteries. The answer: Apple will send you a replacement iPad.

Apple’s Support Web site states “If your iPad requires service due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge, Apple will replace your iPad for a service fee.” That fee is US$105.95 — $99 for the replacement service, and $6.95 for shipping.

The replacement process will take about a week, and doesn’t include transferring data from your original iPad to your replacement. The iPad battery replacement process is handled by Apple’s own retail stores, Apple Technical Support, and Apple Authorized Service Providers.

The iPad is a multimedia tablet device with a 9.7-inch touch screen interface. It includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, optional 3G wireless data support, and is compatible with most iPhone apps. Apple launched its iPad pre-order program on March 12, and will ship the device on April 3.

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Just to clarify, I assume you’d be getting a used (not new) iPad.


I don’t want someone else’s crappy iPad. I want mine. The one I wittily named Paddy.

Lee Dronick

The one I wittily named Paddy.

I am “green” with envy smile

Just to clarify, I assume you?d be getting a used (not new) iPad.

I would also think that. Maybe after a few years and iPad v3 is on the streets you would get a v2 as a replacement for the original version that you sent in.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

All your iPad are belong to me.

Sent from my iPhone


I think everyone should get their iPad’s engraved with “Property of X, if you’re not X you stole this iPad!”


Refurbs, I’d think. I could live with that.

Constable Odo

By the time the iPad battery dies, you’ll all have bought newer versions of the iPad and won’t even mind getting a refurb version one.  If they run out of version one refurbs, they might even give you a refurb version two if you’re lucky.  I think the replacement refurb is a win-win situation for most users.

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