iPad Camera Rumor Just Won't Die

One of the biggest disappointments for some consumers about the iPad introduction was that Steve Jobs didn't say it included a built-in camera. Thanks to the magic of rumors, however, that hope now lives on.

It seems many people have been scrutinizing Apple's medie event video for clues and hints for unannounced features, and some are now saying the iPad Steve Jobs held on stage included a built-in camera. You can see the alleged camera sighting at about 1 hour 23 minutes into the presentation, according to Cult of Mac.

Doing its part to add to the iPad camera rumors, Mission:Repair, a company that specializes in repairing Apple products, claims it has iPad frames in stock, and they include a place for the same iSight camera used in Apple's laptop computers.

"Upon opening them up and getting our hands on some of these rare items, we immediately noticed what appears to be a 'spot' for a camera within the iPad frame," the company said on its blog. "We pulled a camera from a Unibody MacBook. Just a standard camera unit that we see everyday. Guess what, it fits right in there."

Finding a space that fits an iSight camera in the frame doesn't necessarily mean Apple is planning on surprising users by including a camera in the iPad when it ships. It could be a planned upgrade for second generation models, or the space could be there so Apple has the option of including a camera in future models without having to redesign the internal frame.

For now, the alleged sighting in Apple's video and the space in the iPad frame piece will be plenty to keep the iPad camera rumors alive until the device ships in March.