iPad Case Ad Targets Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Girls

Happy Owl Studios has reached deep into the Meta Bag with a new video ad (see below) to promote its iPad The Clutch. The ad uses Apple’s own “I’m a Mac” commercial format to personify both Apple’s iPad and Happy Owl’s case, The Clutch, which is designed to appeal to women, with a delivery that seems (to all the men we asked) aimed at men.

Firstly, there’s The Clutch:

The Clutch

It’s a case for the iPad that is designed to look like a woman’s clutch bag, from which it takes its name (Happy Owl offers a similar case designed for men called The Wallet). In addition to holding an iPad, it also has compartments for many other things that women often keep in a purse, such as an iPhone, credit cards and driver’s license, pens, money, etc.

To wit:


Inside The Clutch

So, that’s the case. Now let’s look at the ad (some of you may find this offensive, so watch at your own discretion):

The Clutch ad, from Happy Owl Studios

Talk about mixed messages, but perhaps the intent is mainly to get people to talk about Happy Owl and its iPad cases? If so, it worked, at least in this case.