iPad Dubbed Best Selling Gadget Ever

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Apple’s iPad has turned the tablet computer industry on its ear and has already the the title of best selling gadget ever. Bernstein Research analyst Colin McGranahan estimates Apple has sold over 8.5 million iPads since its April launch, and sales don’t seem to be letting up.

Mr. McGranahan said the iPad is “a runaway success of unprecedented proportion,” according to InformationWeek.

Apple’s iPad: Best selling gadget in history

The iPad is a tablet computer device with a 9.7-inch multi-touch display. It runs iOS, like the iPhone and iPod touch, and is compatible with most iPhone apps, too.

Assuming Apple can keep up with demand, iPad sales have the potential to increase even more. Just this month both Target and Walmart signed on as iPad distributors, joining Best Buy and Amazon.com, giving consumers even more potential purchase locations.

The fast approaching holiday shopping season typically sees an upswing in Apple product purchases, too.

While the iPad’s sales figures are good news for Apple, they aren’t so welcome for other PC makers. According to data from the research group NPD, some 13 percent of shoppers buying iPads said they would’ve bought a PC instead if Apple’s multimedia tablet device hadn’t been available.

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Sell your Apple stock now while it’s at an all-time high because here comes the “Android Onslaught”(tm) smile


Wow, I didnt know that there were that many morons in the world.  I think one day the idiots will rule the world!


Buzz Killer


someone did their homework…

Apple sold way more ipads than ipods…. I have 3 ipads in my desk drawer right now!



Ha ha ha ha… whiners!  The iPad is the most effective device in the world to surf the web, send/receive email, and read books, not to mention playing games.  If you can’t see that, you fail at tech life…  8.5 million units in 6 months isn’t too shabby, but I guess we all must be wrong and you’re right…. :-(


“Apple?s iPad has turned the tablet computer industry on its ear…”

Don’t you mean:

Apple?s iPad has turned the COMPUTER industry on its ear…?


Rumor has it that Wal-Mart is renaming themselves China-Mart to encourage truth in advertising.

Go China-Mart ! We need more disposable plastic stuff ! Ship it in ! Yeahhhhhh ! We need more plastic widgets to fill the giant vacuous cheese holes in our soul - Yeahhhhh ! Oink.

Slurp - sluuurp glob glug spouuuuoot ! Oink ! Ummmmm Feed me more ! My trough is almost empty ! Oink !


Ha, ha, ha. Ctopher, you are a funny guy!



Hey VAXdood, I bet there are millions of people out there that smoke crack too.  According to you that’s OK.  “Everybody’s doing it…”  Sales are good because of a bad combination.  Great marketing + moronic isheep.  Apple knows it and exploits it like a desperate wh0re.


Lol, Jollie.  Crack does have some loyal customers. I guess that makes it a great product!  Is that World Frenzy site yours btw?  Interesting clock there, some cool info, thanks.

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