Jailbroken iPad Surfaces Hours After Launch

Apple’s iPad was released in the U.S. on April 3rd, and by Sunday word was circulating around the Web that the multimedia tablet had already been jailbroken. The code necessary to jailbreak an iPad, or hack the device so unauthorized third party apps can be installed, isn’t available to the public yet, but a video showing the process has shown up on YouTube.

Twitter user MuscleNerd sprung the news that an iPad had been jailbroken by Twitter user comex on Sunday.

Since the iPad runs a version of the iPhone OS, hackers assumed they would be able to jailbreak the iPad to install and run apps that aren’t available at Apple’s App Store. Since the hack isn’t publicly available yet, new iPad owners will have to wait to jailbreak their brand new tablets, but it seems likely that they won’t have to wait long.