iPad Launch Day Deadline for Developers: March 27

Developers hoping to have their iPad applications available on the day the iPad ships need to submit their work for approval by 5PM pacific time on March 27. Apple informed developers of the deadline via email on Friday, giving them about a week to finish their apps ahead of the iPad’s April 3 official launch date.

Apple told developers that to be eligible for the “grand opening of the iPad App Store,” their apps must be submitted by the 27th. Developers must also be sure to build their apps with iPhone SDK 3.2 beta 5 to be considered.

The news from Apple means developers know exactly what their deadline is if they want to have their iPad applications ready and available on April 3. It also means, however, that most of the apps users can buy on the 3rd won’t have the luxury of being tested outside of the iPad simulator application that’s included with the iPhone SDK.

Since real world testing won’t be an option for most iPad apps ahead of April 3, expect to see at least a few minor app updates after they ship to deal with any bugs or other unexpected surprises.

[Thanks to Macworld for the heads up.]