iPad vs. Kindle Fire Spec Comparison Chart

Amazon has set the world, and we’ll ask for your forgiveness in advance for this pun, afire with the announcement of its entry into touch-screen tablet market called Kindle Fire, and like almost every failed tablet that has come before it, many are dubbing it an iPad killer.

At $199, it’s less than half the price of Apple’s entry-level iPad 2, putting it within reach of many more users than Apple’s $499 (and up) device. On the other hand, it’s smaller, runs a forked version of Android, doesn’t have a camera, runs a subset of the tiny number of Android apps that “work” on other Android tablets, and is really more of a tablet wrapper for Amazon’s services than it is a media tablet.

That makes any comparisons an apples vs. oranges effort (pun intended), but the reality is that many people will want and need to do just that. There’s no doubt that iPad 2 is a far, far more capable device, but at $199, the Kindle Fire could well be the definition of good enough, and comparing the specs will make that decision easier.

Accordingly, we present the physical specs as well as some of the software-oriented features in the comparison chart below. Looking at those features, it’s easy to see that the iPad 2 presents far more bang than Amazon’s Kindle Fire, but the subjective question is which one offers the most bang for the buck. The answer to that question will be as personal as “Boxers vs. Briefs.”

For instance, some people will look at the Kindle’s much smaller form factor and think back to then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs making the case that a 7” display isn’t big enough for a proper multitouch interface. Other people will point to the fact that you can grip the Kindle Fire with one hand and count that as a plus.

Looking at the software, iOS 4.3.5 (and soon iOS 5) is far more capable than the Amazoned version of Android 2.3 the Fire runs. Other people will look at the vastly more limited and simple interface of the Fire and find it less intimidating and easier to use.

Camera vs. no camera? People that pick the Fire probably don’t care about this feature. Gyroscope vs. no gyroscope? Some people just want to read books and shop on Amazon and don’t care about racing games and the other awesome uses that iPad developers have found for that device’s gyroscope.

What’s important to you, may be irrelevant to your neighbor, but this chart makes easier both of you to pick the device that’s right for you.

(Even though the iPad 2 is obviously far more bitchin’ than the Fire—we’re just sayin’.)

Note that the images below are presented as close to scale as we could get.

iPad 2 vs. Kindle Fire Specs

 iPad 2Kindle Fire
ProductApple iPad 2Amazon Kindle Fire
OS (current)iOS 4.3.5 (as of 10/3/2011)Android 2.3
AppsiOS Apps on Apple’s App Store
(90,000+dedicated iPad apps)
Amazon Appstore for Android
(Unspecified number)
EbooksKindle, Apple’s iBooksKindle
Magazines & Newspapers
BrowserSafari & Other Webkit BrowsersAmazon Silk
Dimensions (in.)9.5 x 7.31 x 0.347.5 x 4.7 x 0.45
Weight (lbs)1.33 (Wi-Fi)/1.35 (GSM)0.91
Display size (in., diag)9.77
Display Resolution1024 x 768 (LED bklight)1024 x 600
ProcessorA5 (dual core)/ 1 GHzTI OMAP dual core/ 1 GHz
RAM (MB)512512
User Storage (GB)16/32/648
Front Camera0.3 MPx
Rear Camera0.7 MP (720p)x
Camera Flashxx
Audio/speakermono spkr, stereo headphonestereo jack & spkrs
Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g/n802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth2.1 + EDRx
Battery Life, hours10 (25 watt-hr)8
Video outHDMI (w/ accessory),
Wireless AirPlay for Some Apps
SensorsAmbient Lightx
ColorsBlack or WhiteBlack
Price US$ (Wi-Fi)499/599/699199
Price US$ (3G)629/729/829x

John Martellaro greatly assisted with this article.