iPads in Apple's September iPhone Media Event Feels Like a Stretch

Sources say new iPads are coming September 10So far the idea that Apple will stick with just the iPhone at its September 10 media event has been pretty much a given, and that new iPads will be introduced in early October. Now an insider source is saying that the new iPhone models will share the stage with updates iPads, too, and that more products designed to take on Samsung are in the works. That feels like a lot for Apple to pack into one media event, to don't be surprised if new iPads aren't introduced until October.

According to sources speaking with Bloomberg, Apple plans to unveil new iPad models on September 10, and has "several more game changers" in development for the mobile market. The sources didn't elaborate, but it isn't much of a leap to assume those products include some form of wearable technology, possibly the rumored iWatch.

Claims of a dual product media event came along with news that Apple's newest Tokyo retail store could open as early as March 2014. Apple hasn't commented on the store opening date, or on what will be announced at its next media event.

Apple hasn't even officially announced the September 10 event, although both AllThingsD and The Loop have said it is happening and will focus on the iPhone. With both sites in agreement, that's as good as an official Apple announcement.

Assuming that Apple is introducing the iPhone 5S as the high end iPhone and adding the iPhone 5C as a lower priced option, including new iPads as well will make for either a long media event or an event that feels rushed, neither of which sounds like a plan Apple is likely to go with.

The sources didn't offer up any details on what those iPad announcements may include. It's a safe bet that when the full size 9.7-inch iPad is updated it'll take on the body style of the iPad mini and will include a faster processor. For the iPad mini, the obvious change would be a move from its current screen resolution to a Retina Display.

Assuming Apple can get displays in the quantities it wants, it's likely that's exactly what we'll see. If not, then we may not see new minis right away, which would mean Apple wouldn't have a new model in time for the holiday buying season. Alternatively, Apple could introduce a Retina Display iPad mini knowing full well that it can't produce enough and create the image that demand is so high that it is outstripping supplies.

The big thing for Apple and its September 10 media event is just how much does it really want to show off? Including iPads in the event could dilute the iPhone message, or the iPads could get lost in the hype surrounding new iPhone models. Despite what Bloomberg's sources are saying, it seems more likely Apple's September event will focus on the iPhone and the launch of iOS 7. iPads will come in October.