iPhone 5 Lands Apple 26% of LTE Market

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With little more than three months of sales, the iPhone 5 has already won Apple 26.7 percent of the world wide LTE device market, according to data from Strategy Analytics. Samsung currently holds the top spot with 40 percent of the world's LTE market.

Apple owns 26.7% of the LTE market worldwideApple owns 26.7% of the LTE market worldwide

While Apple has climbed from no LTE marketshare at the beginning of the year to nearly 27 percent now, Samsung has dropped from 50.9 percent three months ago down to 40 percent of the global LTE market today. Apple entered the LTE fast wireless data market with the introduction of the third generation iPad in March 2012, and expanded that presence with the iPhone 5 launch in September and the LTE-compatible iPad mini in November.

LG is sitting on a 9.1 percent LTE marketshare, down from 15 percent, Motorola is down from 21.7 percent to 15 percent, and Pantech holds 5.8 percent of the market, up from 5.7 percent. Strategy Analytics is claiming the drop in marketshare comes from Apple's growing presence in the LTE market.

The research firm expects the LTE market to grow to 50 million subscribers thanks to the iPhone 5 and Samsung's Galaxy S3. In comparison, there were only 9 million LTE subscribers worldwide at the of 2011.

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When the iPhone was first announced, RIM and Palm dismissed Apple while Microsoft's Steve Ballmer laughed. Now Apple is one of the top players in the smartphone market, RIM is in a death spiral, Palm is gone, and Microsoft still can't get a stronghold.

Maybe Apple's competitors shouldn't have discounted the little Cupertino company so quickly.

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Will be interesting to see if there is a cry of “Samsung is DOOMED”, since their share dropped from 51 to 40%. after all, that is what happens whenever Apple loses some percentage (pick a number) of share.


These figures are far more astounding than you appear to realize Jeff.

Considering the iPhone 5 was only available for 1 week of Q3 (the period that Strategy Analytics measured) and only in a limited number of countries, this result is astounding.

For the iPhone 5 to capture a 27% share of all LTE subscriptions worldwide in just 1 week knocking Samsung from 50% to 40% and kicking LG into the gutter means Apple must be selling an absolutely gargantuan number of iPhone 5’s.

Looks like Kantar was right about iPhone surging to 48% smartphone Marketshare in the USA in the 3 months leading up to October while Android plummeted from 67% down to 46%. 

The iPhone 5 is a veritable Godzilla.


Jeff, I think you probably mean foothold rather than stronghold.

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