iPhone 5 Virtual Keyboard Screen Flicker Plaguing Some Users

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A screen flickering issue is affecting some iPhone 5 devices, according to a large and growing thread at Apple’s Support Communities. Some users report a distortion-like flicker on their screen, but only when the virtual keyboard is visible.

First reports of the issue appeared as early as September 21, the launch day for the iPhone 5, but many additional users have since reported the same problem. Indicating that the issue may be software based, some users report that the flickering only occurs when the virtual keyboard is used in the App Store app, while others report random occurrences throughout the OS but, again, only when the virtual keyboard is visible.

iPhone 5 FlickeringScreenshot from YouTube user kennyizcool.

The issue is difficult to capture in a photograph, but appears to be flickering horizontal lines, one or two pixels tall, across the virtual keyboard. The flickering persists until the user has completed text entry and closed the keyboard.

TMO has been unable to reproduce the issue on our Verizon iPhones, but multiple videos submitted by iPhone owners demonstrate that the flickering, while not affecting every iPhone, is not just an isolated issue.

Some users have reported the issue to Apple, with Apple representatives acknowledging that the flickering is “strange” and promising to investigate it further. Apple has not responded to TMO’s inquires regarding the flickering, but we will continue to monitor the situation and report any new developments.

Have any TMO readers experienced this issue? If so, please let us know in the comments.

[via Business Insider]

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Keyboardgate in 3…2…1   wink


I have the problem… Doesn’t bother me too much.


Same here. Only an App Store password issue that I have seen. Doesn’t seem to effect functionality, I chalk it up to some software bug to be resolved in the next update.


My husband has the problem on his iPhone and it’s pretty bad.


I have the issue too. As long as its isolated to passwords in the App Store I don’t care that much.


Yes, I’m experiencing this problem! I have multiple white lines appearing across my screen and my keyboard flickers when I’m about to open an attachment or I’m in the App Store. I’ve never experienced this problem with my previous iPhones. I’m not impressed.


I got my phone on launch day and started noticing the flicker today, which is how I came across this article after I’d googled the problem.

My iPhone 5 also came with visible scuff marks on the back where the top white part meets the aluminum. Since my phone also gets unusually hot when running routine tasks (which my iPhone 4does not) I have started to wonder if my Apple is a lemon.


But but but the iPhone 5 is the most bestest and most awesomest smartphone EVER! Just add this to the LONG list of problems that iSheep will refute for the latest “perfect” phone.


After reading about this issue early morning yesterday… i was home writing a text at night and noticed the flickering happen to me.. I tried to do a screen capture but could not catch it… is there a remedy out for this yet?

Also I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else but during chess games I cant move pieces to the upper corners no matter how much i click the square it wont move.

One more issue is with the keyboard.. when i press space bar it wont work on the first press.. only after 3 or 4 tries it will work and the same thing for the number sign.. I think this is the most bugs ever on an OS apple has done.

Jonathan Ingram

Both my wife and I have experienced the problem on our iPhones, while the keyboard is up. Sounds like Apple has a ghost in the machine.


If you try to take a screenshot it disappears. And the screenshot doesn’t show the flicker. To take a screenshot: hold the Home button and press the power/lock button.


i have the same problem plus when i make a phone call the ear peaice sounds muffled sometimes


I had the same problem.  I had a frequent issue ending calls.  I could not end the call, and sometimes, after the call was ended from the other line, my touch screen would not work.  Then I noticed the flickering lines.  Took it to Apple store and they restored the phone software.  Kept happening, so I took it back and they gave me a new one.  Guess what…The new one is doing the same thing! Flickering lines and no response from the end call button at times. :(


i cant believe how bad the new iphone 5 is i had a iphone 4 and it never went wrong ever


Yes Ive seen it happened a few times now, always seems to happen during text entry as the virtual keyboard is sliding up and then the lines stays on the screen flickering


Yes same problem happen when I use the onscreen keyboard. It also happens when you expand a group of apps and I can see lines in the group. Taking a screen shot removes the lines and the screen will eventually refreshes itself to remove the lines. Quite annoying.


Has anyone actually taken their iphone 5 into the Apple store and if they were able to fix this issue or swap it out?


Yes just experienced it too, was at of entering store password prior app download


It usually happens in the App Store, but I’ve seen it outside of the App Store.  Only on the virtual keyboard though.  Really doesn’t look like a software issue to me, more like the type of graphical glitches you get when you overclock a video card too far.  But it doesn’t bother me as long as it doesn’t get worse…


I’ve noticed this issue with my iPhone 5 as well. Was about to take it into an Apple store.

I’ve also had my iPhone go to a black screen with an apple logo in the middle when unlocking my phone. Takes a minutes and then goes back to the password prompt.


Anyone have any luck reporting this issue, and if so, what was the outcome? I’m experiencing this too, and have only had my phone for a few days. Definitely unimpressed.


Anyone tried to do something about it instead of just complaining? I did a phone reset after backing up my data, and i have never had this issue ever since. I recommend you do the same and report the results.


I have the same flickering going on and just now looked online. Add me to the list.


Why is everybody just whining and nobody is doing or posting anything to solve the issue. Here is the fix. Reset the phone and let me know


I have reset my phone. I have brought it to the Apple Store and they reset the entire phone.  Same problem, so I brought it back and they gave me a brand new phone that does the same thing! What do you suggest now?



simple, have the apple store give you a new one, don’t leave the store till you make sure the phone does not have that glitch, show it to them, and tell them you need to get what you paid for! that makes sense doesn’t it?


Yes I also have the same problem when using the virtual keyboard.  My big concern is whether it will get worst.


6.0.1 is in the pipeline to fix all our woes; as expected. No need to worry any longer.

Some things just don’t appear until you have a mass of product in the market, and then a software update fixes everything. It’s just the way with new designs and ever increasing complexity.


I’ve got the same problem!!


My problem seems to be more than most. The whole of my screen (at random moments) turns almost black from the black, sometimes white banding across the whole screen when using keyboard and not. The update hasn’t fixed anything for me, only made it worse.

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