iPhone 5c Preorders Set to Start Friday at 12:01AM PST

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Both Sprint and Verizon will start taking iPhone 5c preorders starting at 12:01AM pacific time (3:01AM eastern) on Friday, September 13. Apple introduced the new midrange iPhone model during a special media event earlier this week.

iPhone 5c preorders start at 12:01AM pacific time this FridayiPhone 5c preorders start at 12:01AM pacific time this Friday

The iPhone 5c is much like the iPhone 5. It uses an Apple designed A6 processor, has a 4-inch Retina Display, includes an 8 megapixel digital camera, Siri support, and more. Unlike the iPhone 5, it sports a scratch-resistant plastic back available in several colors.

Apple said iPhone 5c preorders would start on Friday, but didn't announce a time. With two carriers already announcing a time, and AT&T saying "coming soon," it's a safe bet Apple's official preorder launch time will be 12:01AM pacific time, too.

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It's great that Apple is doing iPhone 5c preorders, but kind of sucks that there won't be iPhone 5s preorders. Looks like Apple will have some lines come launch day on September 20.



Sorry to be picky, but check your headline: PST is the wrong time designation at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere…

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