iPhone 5s: Pick the Duration of Slo-Mo

Hey, the iPhone 5s has the ability to capture slo-mo video! Have you lucky new owners played around with it yet? If not, then let me tell you that people eating in slow motion is really funny. Just me? I'm the only immature person here? Whatever, you guys.

Anyway, to access it when you're in the Camera app on your 5s, just drag the slider at the bottom to "Slo-Mo," and you can start capturing.

When you're finished taking your video and start watching it, you'll see that the first and last portions are showing up at regular speed. What the heck? MELISSA SMASH! No, wait! There's no reason to go all Hulk on your iPhone—this is a controllable thing. You can set which section of the video plays in slow motion, and it can be longer or shorter than the default. To change it, open the video you've shot, and then drag the black sliders that appear near the top of your screen to adjust the duration of the slo-mo effect.

If you pause briefly as you drag, the portion you're adjusting will expand, allowing you to edit more precisely.

Pretty cool! And now go forth, capture slo-mo movies, and have hysterics at how much funnier life is at 120fps. Yes, I am just that easily entertained.