iPhone 5S Ranks as World’s Best Selling Smartphone

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Apple's iPhone 5S is the best selling smartphone around the world, beating out Samsung's Galaxy S5 and S4. That proclamation comes courtesy of the market research company Counterpoint Technology after compiling sales data from 35 countries.

iPhone 5S is the top selling smartphone around the worldiPhone 5S is the top selling smartphone around the world

Counterpoint Technology looked at information for smartphones sold instead of units shipped through May 2014, which took out the possibility of any manufacturer artificially skewing the data by stuffing retail channels with unsold product. 

According to Counterpoint's channel survey across 35 countries, the iPhone 5S outshone all other smartphones while Samsung's Galaxy S5 trailed behind in second place. Samsung's Galaxy S4 and Note 3 held the third and fourth place spots, while the iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S followed in fifth and sixth place.

Counterpoint Technology said in a note,

Apple's iPhone 5s is still the bestselling smartphone in May 2014, 8 months after its launch last year. Samsung's new flagship, Galaxy S5 comes in at second place but still a quite distant number two in terms of (sell through) unit sales.

The top ten list includes several larger-size display devices, showing a growing trend in smartphones that fall somewhere between a big phone and small tablet. The company expects if Apple releases a similar large screen device this year it'll quickly become a best seller and jump to the top of the sales list within two months of launch.

Rounding out the rest of the top ten were the Xiaomi MI3 and Hongmi Redrice along with Samsung's Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy Grand 2.

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Size may matter to some consumers, but not enough to make Samsung's tabletphones outsell the iPhone 5S.

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“...still a quite distant number two…”

So what does Samsung do for an encore ?


I’m hoping future versions of the iPhone don’t get any bigger. I’d still like to get the thing in my hip pocket without causing any discomfort.

Constable Odo

There’s really nothing Samsung can do to improve sales of the Galaxy flagship models in the near future.  They’ll have to wait until people are really NEED to upgrade.  There’s not that much of a leap of advancement from the S4 to the S5 and I don’t think a lot of consumers have a need for such a high-end smartphone with an arm’s long list of features.  I think it has to do something with the law of diminishing returns.

Samsung already has every display size imaginable, IP67 water resistance, a fairly high MP camera, finger ID, a high quality display, lowered prices, BOGO, etc.  They’ve basically shot their load and nothing is going to bring them a huge amount of sales.  Samsung has too many models of smartphones for consumers to choose from already sitting in inventory.  Samsung is in a serious bind at this point and only time will improve the situation.

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