iPhone 6 Line Starts in Japan. With Cosplay

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The iPhone 6 may not exist yet, but the lines for it do. More accurately, a single line with just one man has already started in Japan. Yes cosplay is involved.

The first iPhone 6 line forms in Japan, complete with cosplayThe first iPhone 6 line forms in Japan, complete with cosplay

Yoppy, a blogger in Tokyo, started his long term camp out several days ago, according to The Register, and has been hanging out dressed as an iPhone. As one does.

His not quite safe for work Twitter feed says he's excited to be the first in line, which seems reasonable for now since he probably doesn't realize just how long he'll be waiting. On the other hand, since he's known for his comedy sketches and publicity stunts, this could be a nice way for him to take a little time off while still keeping people mentioning his name.

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lol rly wtf ;D

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