iPhone Boosts Sprint Q4 Revenue

Sprint Nextel brought in US$9 billion in revenue for its fourth fiscal quarter and $35.3 billion for the year. The cell service provider reported the figures on Thursday and said the iPhone played a significant role in its quarterly sales.

Sprint sold 2.2 million iPhones during its fourth fiscal quarterThe company reported selling 2.2 million iPhones during its fourth fiscal quarter and 38 percent of those went to new customers. Some 4 million LTE customers were on the company's network by the end of the quarter, too.

Sprint said its annual smartphone sales hit 20 million units, with 6.6 million of those going to the iPhone. Of that 6.6 million, 40 percent were new customers. 89 percent of the company's quarterly postpaid customers are now smartphone users.

In comparison, AT&T sold 8.6 million iPhones during its fourth fiscal quarter and Verizon sold 6.2 million. Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones worldwide during its fourth fiscal quarter.

Sprint's annual revenue, ranked in the billions, isn't pocket cash. In comparison, however it does seem a little small since the company's total annual revenue $35.3 billion still fell far short of fourth quarter $54.5 billion.

While Sprint's numbers may trail AT&T and Verizon, they do show that the iPhone is still very popular and that smartphone sales are on the rise across all the major carriers.