iPhone Dominates Dems and GOP in U.S. House of Representative

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We know you're dying to know this little bit of trivia: Apple's iPhone is the dominant smartphone in the U.S. House of Representatives, crossing party lines to do so. David Gregory of NBC's Meet the Press conducted a survey of the House and found that 61 percent of Republicans carried iPhones, while 56 percent of Democrats did the same.

Interestingly, BlackBerry took the second slot with 21 percent of Republicans and 25 percent of Democrats slinging BBs. Android brought up a distant third spot, with 3 percent and 5 percent, respectively.


Courtesy of Meet the Press


Courtesy of Meet the Press

The survey was conducted from September 6th through September 20th "through calls and email" to every Representative's office. 88 percent of those offices responded, a higher percentage in my opinion. 51 offices either didn't respond or refused to participate.

I don't know if these results means much of anything, but it's interesting that Apple's iPhone enjoys such strong bipartisan support. It's also interesting that Android is so decidedly unpopular in Congress considering the platform's dominance out in the real world. To wit, the Meet the Press article mentioned Android's 51 percent market share in the U.S.

[Via Fortune]

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Lee Dronick

Perhaps they want their constituents to understand that they support made in the USA, or at least designed in California.



The demographic that comprise the Android user base is not heavily represented in the enterprise, the professional ranks or the echelons of senior leadership in practically any country that I have seen, certainly not amongst any of the disciplines with which I interact; nor am I surprised to see the legacy of Blackberry’s former dominance at play in a well established institution.

Perhaps some of this bipartisan support can manifest itself in the form of balanced legislation in e-book publishing and other contested areas of tech growth.


The unpaid interns use Androids.


jbelkin - Thanks for the laugh and the thought provoking remark.

I laugh because it is probably true. Android did what PC linux did not do, make computing available to the masses.

And just like I don’t get as much out of my car as a professional driver, the masses don’t use their devices like a legislator or a professional sales person might, they can still enjoy the convenience and power of a smart phone.

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