iPhone, iPad Apple Store Apps Beef Up iBeacon Support

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Apple has released updates for the iPhone and iPad versions of its Apple Store app that improves iBeacons support, and lets users buy physical gift cards. The Apple Store app is the company's companion app for its retail stores.

Apple improves iBeacon support in its Apple Store apps for the iPhone and iPadApple improves iBeacon support in its Apple Store apps for the iPhone and iPad

Apple improved system-wide iBeacons support with iOS 7.1, and the Apple Store 2.9.2 update for the iPhone and 1.1 update for the iPad add the same level of support in-app. iBeacons is Apple's new system for wirelessly pushing information to shoppers based on where they happen to be in the store.

Previously, the iPhone version of the app supported buying virtual gift cards, but now supports virtual and physical gift card purchases on the iPhone and iPad. Physical cards are mailed, so you don't have to visit an actual store to buy them.

The Apple Store app also lets users schedule Genius Bar appointments, Scan product bar codes in the company's stores to see reviews and other details, request retail staff assistance, and make purchases, too.

Apple Store 2.9.2 for the iPhone and Apple Store 1.1 for the iPad are free and available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Great news to see this step forward in customer convenience. Nice integration of passbook with ibeacons too.  This is a good example of how online to offline management can be done and how it’s positive both for consumer and retailer. Now it’s up to other retailers to follow apple’s lead.


great article about Apple ibeacons we also wrote article about Apple iBeacons

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