iPhone, iTunes Links Surface Ahead of Apple Media Event

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Like kids that can't wait for Christmas, people have been searching the Apple website for clues to what the company will announce at its media event today, and the results seem to confirm the iPhone 5, a new iTunes version, and more.

9to5Mac got the ball rolling with searches that uncovered the iPhone 5 name along with iTunes 11. When The Mac Observer dug through site with Apple's own search engine, we found references to the iPhone 5 and a new iTunes release, along with references to new iPod touch and iPod nano models.

Apple site search shows iPhone 5, new iPod touch and iPod nano

The links aren't active yet, so at least a few surprises -- meaning product details -- are still waiting for us.

Searching Apple's site uncovered iPhone 5 and a new version of iTunes

Apple's media event is scheduled to start at 10AM pacific time at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. TMO is on location and will offer live coverage of Apple's announcements, so be sure to stick around for all the latest news.

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I would love to see Cook come out and announce “You’ve all been Punked, thank you for playing”, and walk off the stage.

Then after oh 30 seconds or a minute, come back out and go on with the announcement.


How cool is that!

I really need to get a life…


FWIW every time I look at the headline for a second I read iPhone, iTune Links (to Microsoft) Surface. Like Apple decided to go with core code from Surface.


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