iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Fix On the Way

Some iPhone 4 customers have been suffering with proximity sensor issues that cause accidental hangups and voice call muting, but a fix is on the way, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Mr. Jobs confirmed that Apple is aware of the proximity sensor problems some users are experiencing during an iPhone 4-related press conference at the company’s headquarters in California on Friday.

“Tracking some problems with the proximity sensor, and we’re working on solutions, and we’ll try to get it fixed in the next software update,” Mr. Jobs said.

Apple released its first iPhone 4 update on Thursday in the form of iOS 4.0.1. That update changed the software formula used to calculate and display cell signal strength so users will see a more accurate representation of the current signal quality.

Mr. Jobs didn’t offer a time frame for the fix.

[Thanks to Macworld for the press conference information]