iPhone 4S Deliveries Landing Early in Germany

Even though Apple’s iPhone 4S isn’t scheduled for availability until this Friday at least some preorder deliveries are already making their way into customer’s hands in Germany, according to Macerkopf.

Apple introduced the iPhone 4S on October 4, and began accepting preorder sales on October 7. The official release date for the new smartphone is set for October 14, which is also the same day Apple scheduled for preorder deliveries.

iPhone 4S in GermanyImage courtesy of Macerkopf

The new iPhone uses the same body design as the iPhone 4, but includes a dual core A5 processor, a new antenna design, better battery life, built-in combination GSM and CDMA cell network support, an 8 megapixel camera, Siri voice control, and more.

The iPhone 4S is available in black or white and is priced at US$199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 32GB model, and $399 for the 64GB model.

Word that iPhone 4S shipments were already on the way surfaced on Monday, along with news that Apple sold over 1 million phones during the first 24 hours after opening preorder sales.

While Germany seems fine with delivering iPhone 4S packages to customers early, don’t be surprised if U.S. customers still have to wait until Friday before their new phones arrive.