iPhone 4S gets Siri Voice Control: Intelligent Assistant

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Apple introduced a new voice control feature called Siri for the iPhone during its special media event on Tuesday. Siri lets users speak to their iPhone naturally and it converts what they say into calendar events, search results, and more.

Siri Voice Recognition


Siri can perform word lookups, search contacts, schedule meetings, perform Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha queries, compose email messages, handle voice dictation, and more. Initially, Siri will support English (U.S., U.K. and Australia), German and French, but more languages will be added with future updates.

Apple said Siri is implemented system-wide, so it is available in any application that displays the keyboard interface without requiring any additional coding from developers.

Siri is available for the iPhone 4S, which was also introduced at Tuesday’s media event.

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Is Siri going to be a system wide feature that third party apps can call on? That would be a great thing for a good number of apps.

Lee Dronick

Off topic. It looks like Apple.com is off line, I am getting:

Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “http://www.apple.com/” on this server.
Reference #18.76e2ea3f.1317755187.1c82a2c0

They must be updating the pages. I can get to the forums, but they are on a different server.


Yes, I was able to access the home page a little while ago but not the store. Home page now gives me the same message.

Just to follow up my question; the thing that prompts me to ask is “Transcription.” This is described as available anywhere a keyboard pops up. Is it available in Pages and programs by third parties where a keyboard is used?

Lee Dronick

Apple.com is back up, I suppose that they were reloading pages.

Dean Lewis

I’m curious if Siri is part of the iOS? IF so, will it be available to iPad or iPad 2 users? Anyone find anything on that yet?

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