iPhone 5 Commercial Casting Call? Probably Not

Word shot through the Internet this week that Apple has begun working on a commercial for the iPhone 5 thanks to a casting call that briefly appeared on Craigslist. The ad and the casting call, however, are most likely fake.

iPhone ad casting call. NOT!MacRumors managed to get ahold of the Craigslist ad before it was pulled. The listing, titled “IPHONE 5 CASTING (LA),” claims to be looking for actors for an iPhone 5 commercial to be shot in the Los Angeles area, but lists the payment for the job as £4500, which seems like an odd pay rate since LA still uses U.S. currency instead of British Pounds.

The listing also offers an IMDB link to a specific actor as an example of the type of smile the casting director, H. Golan, is looking for. TMO’s searches for that casting director came up dry.

As if offering payment for a U.S. commercial shoot in Pounds, including an IMDB link to a specific actor, and referencing a casting director that seems to be unfindable isn’t enough to raise a few questions about the listing, it also blatantly references the iPhone 5. Any agency involved in a commercial shoot for an unannounced Apple product would be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement, certainly wouldn’t include the product name in a casting call, and likely wouldn’t post the listing on Craigslist, either.

It seems very likely this iPhone 5 commercial casting call is bogus, so don’t expect to see any surprise ads shown at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in June — at least not any that involve H. Golan.