iPhone 5 May Get Metal Back

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Rumors about the features Apple will pack into the fifth generation iPhone are flowing fast, and the latest claims to verify that the next model will sport a metal back instead of glass like the iPhone 4.

More iPhone 5 rumors!Metal-backed iPhone 5? We’ll see.

The latest report comes courtesy a Foxconn source, according to 9 to 5 Mac, claiming the iPhone5 will continue with the same general design as the iPhone 4, and that it’s metal back will be flat, just like the current iPhone model. keeping in line with other rumors, the source also said that the iPhone 5 will include a larger display, but couldn’t provide actual dimensions.

Earlier today another rumor claimed that the iPhone 5 will include Near Field Communication (NFC) support so owners can use their smartphone as a digital wallet, too.

Apple doesn’t comment on rumors or unannounced products, so for now reports of iPhone 5 features should be treated as speculation.

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Lee Dronick

I love the metal ball instead of the usual crystal one.

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