iPhone 5 Part Shows Bigger Display

A glass front that allegedly comes from the next generation iPhone appeared on a Chinese Web site over the weekend, leading to speculation that the new model will sport a larger display. If the photo is legit, it could add support to the rumor that the iPhone 5 will include a 4-inch display instead of the 3.5-inch display found on the iPhone 4.

Image courtesy of iDealsChina

The photo iDealsChina got ahold of shows a glass face that looks very much like an iPhone’s face, but with a larger space for a display. Like the current iPhone’s front, the glass in the image includes cut outs for the Home button, front-facing camera and speaker.

The Web site doesn’t offer any dimensions for the glass, nor does it say where the photo came from. Apple hasn’t officially announced the next iPhone model yet, and there isn’t a source that can verify where the photo came from, so the glass could be just another knock-off part out of China.