iPhone 5 Pre-orders Kick Off in Germany

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Deutsche Telekom began accepting pre-orders for Apple’s next generation iPhone model on Tuesday even though the product hasn’t been announced. The reasoning behind offering pre-orders for a device that’s still a rumor, according to the cell service provider, is to help avoid supply issues when the iPhone 5 finally does ship.

iPhone 5 pre-orders in GermanyThe iPhone 5, which may look like the iPhone 4, is available for pre-order in Germany

Pre-order slips will be handed out to current Deutsche Telekom customers specifically asking for the next generation iPhone, according to Bloomberg. The carrier isn’t, however, saying when the next iPhone will ship, what features it will have, or how much it will cost.

So far, rumors have claimed the next iPhone will ship in September or October, that it will have an A5 processor like the iPad, may or may not have a redesigned body and bigger display, and might have a higher resolution camera.

Apple hasn’t said yet when the next iPhone model will ship, but it seems likely that Deutsche Telekom’s pre-order offer will be used to fuel rumors that the iPhone 5 is about to launch.

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Dorje Sylas

So, much like GameStop then with games that aren’t officially out anytime soon. Just wait, GameStop will soon offer exclusive pre-order iOS content for iPod Touch 6 and the iPad 3 starting next week.

Michael roche

Thanks for the OLD story lol My favortite site for iPhone related info is Iphone5shopping.com they seem to have these articles before all the big guys!

Lee Dronick


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