iPhone 5 to Sport Curved Glass Surface

Apple’s next generation iPhone, commonly referred to as the iPhone 5, will reportedly include a curved glass face. If the rumor turns out to be true, this will mark the first time Apple has deviated from its flat-face design for the combination iPod and smartphone.

Curved glass iPhone? Maybe.Rumors say curved glass coming to iPhone 5

Unnamed industry sources, according to DigiTimes, claim the Cupertino-based company has already bought between 200 and 300 glass cutting machines to help get manufactures on board since they apparently aren’t excited about investing in the equipment necessary to make the glass for Apple’s phones.

The cutting machines are currently being stored at the facilities where they will eventually be used, although no glass is currently being produced for the iPhone 5. Apparently Apple is working with its suppliers to ramp up parts availability before jumping into glass cutting.

So far, there isn’t any official word on when to expect the iPhone 5 to hit store shelves. Rumors and industry analysts are pointing to a September release, which is a couple months later than Apple’s typical iPhone upgrade window.