iPhone Daylight Saving Time Bug Hits Europe

iPhone owners in Australia and New Zealand have already dealt with an iOS 4.1 bug that left alarms sounding at the wrong time after the Day Light Saving time change, and now it’s Europe’s turn. Complaints from iPhone users in Europe and the U.K. found their way to Twitter over the weekend when alarms didn’t go off as scheduled.

Users with recurring alarms that were set before the time switch fell victim to the bug, but on-off alarms seemed to sound when they should.

iOS alarm bug hits Europe

Screencast Online’s Don McAllister tweeted “Damn, my iPhone clock alarm seems to have stopped working?” echoing the sentiments of many iPhone users on Twitter. He followed up with “So it’s a known bug! Thanks guys. A workaround is to set the alarm an hour earlier. Works for me on single & repeating alarms.”

Apple promised a fix for the alarm bug, but so far it hasn’t appeared. Presumably it will be included in the iOS 4.2 update scheduled for release some time in November.