iPhone Daylight Saving Time Bug Hits U.S.

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Just as iPhone owners in Europe, Australia and New Zealand have already experienced, U.S. iPhone and iPod touch owners had to deal with a bug that caused their alarms to go off at the wrong time after the Daylight Saving Time change.

Users with recurring alarms that were set before the time switch in the Clock app fell victim to the bug, but one-off alarms sounded when they should.

Apple’s alarm bug hit the U.S.

Apple’s advice for users that fell victim to the bug is to delete and recreate their recurring alarms, or change the repeat setting to Never.

Apple promised a fix for the alarm bug, but so far it hasn’t appeared. Presumably it will be included in the iOS 4.2 update scheduled for release some time in November.

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They made such device stuffed by the newest functions, which have such abilities as cool computer and they couldn’t made normal clock! *facepalm* That’s just amusingly.

Lee Dronick

My circadian clock woke me up well before my iPhone’s alarm was set to wake me. Then I noticed that my alarm did not go off as usual and was wondering if it was the bug or perhaps I just didn’t remember silencing it as I was already making coffee. I guess I my iPhone has the bug.

I had already deleted the alarms and reprogrammed them.


Steve Jobs is fired.  If I were him I would have pushed an update to this long before daylight savings time in America.  He had at least 2 weeks, how hard can that be?

(When I read about it happening overseas I figured it would be logical that Apple would release a fix, in at the latest, before it could affect the US, and thus I forgot about this until my alarm failed me this morning.  Fortunately it was raining anyway so I didn’t really miss my morning jog.)


Am I just the luckiest person on earth or something? I didn’t have issues with iOS 4.0, this bug hasn’t affected me, and I’ve never received a faulty device from Apple. Maybe I just have a knack for timing with product cycles. Go figure.


I had the problem last week, where my daily alarm was going off an hour early. Now that we’re out of Daylight Saving Time, it seems to be working properly.

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