iPhone Game News: Rocket Golf Lite, Pirate Puzzle Game Cannons

Nuclear Nova Software on Monday released a free Lite version of their Rocket Golf iPhone game, while Readdle introduced Cannons, a puzzle game featuring pirates.

Rocket Golf features 36 holes spread across two courses, with accurate physics providing a challenge as players try to overcome unique water hazards and sand traps, deal with variable wind, and more. Up to four players can participate online or on the same device. The Lite version differs from the full one, which sells for US$0.99, in its use of ads and its limit of five holes. iPhone OS 2.0 is required.

In Cannons, players are tasked with finding the hidden treasure by rotating tiles to create fuses and fire cannons. If they manage to fire multiple cannons, they earn coins with which they can upgrade their weapons. Three modes are available: Classic Battle, Strategic Battle, and Arcade Battle. Pricing is $2.99 and iPhone OS 2.2 is required.