iPhone Gaming Update: Dream Day Wedding, More

I-play on Wednesday led a slew of new iPhone games with Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan, the first App Store game from the popular franchise that has appeared on Nintendo DS, PC, and various mobile platforms. It's also the first to offer a micro-transaction feature, taking advantage of iPhone OS 3.0's new functionality to allow players to buy the Honeymoon Bonus Pack, which includes game hints and a bonus level.

In Dream Day Wedding, players search New York City as they solve puzzles and find hidden wedding items. As they travel through the game's 29 levels spread across nine locations, they arrange Rachel and Nate's wedding. Bonus mini-games and other surprises are unlocked along the way, and players can use the game's Facebook Connect feature to share their success online. Pricing is US$2.99 and iPhone OS 3.0 is required.

In other iPhone game news, G5 Entertainment has released the puzzle game Yumsters! 2 ($2.99, iPhone OS 2.2.1), in which players match the eponymous creatures with fruit of the right color. Seven rhythm-based mini-games are interspersed among the game's 64 main levels.

Koduco Games has updated its 3D Checkers ($0.99, iPhone OS 3.0) with tougher AI opponents, peer-to-peer networked play, and improved sound effects.

syncRage has published Fight Control ($0.99, iPhone OS 2.2.1), in which players control fighters who brawl over control of turf. Each of the game's three maps features guards to avoid and dynamic difficulty levels. Scoreloop integration lets players post their high scores to a global leader board.

Quadion Touch's NineGaps ($0.99, iPhone OS 2.2.1) is a twist on Sudoku in which players must places the numbers one through nine in the missing spots on the game board. Each row and column, however, features addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations that must add up to a specific result.

Finally, Sinapse's Way No Way ($0.99, iPhone OS 2.1) is a trivia game in which players spin for points and then judge the truthfulness of the fact presented to them. The possible scores get ever-higher as players answer more questions correctly. A worldwide leader board is included, and the game supports up to five profiles, allowing it to be shared among friends. Sinapse promises frequent updates with fresh trivia questions.