iPhone, iPad Earn Display of the Year Awards

Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad both earned awards for their displays at the 2011 Society for Information Display conference on Tuesday. The retina display in the iPhone 4 won the Display of the Year Gold Award, and the iPad earned the Display Application of the Year Gold Award.

Society for Information DisplayiPhone 4, iPad score top honors at SID conference

Both products earned the awards for advancing display technology. The conference had this to say about the iPhone 4’s retina display:

This year, Apple extended its track record of revolutionizing personal communications technology with the introduction of the industry-leading iPhone 4 Retina display. Packing four times the number of pixels into the same 3.5-inch diameter screen found on earlier iPhone models, the 640×960-pixel Retina display set a new benchmark for mobile display resolution, low power consumption and image quality.

The Society for Information Display waxed poetic about the iPad, as well:

The iPad marks a new era of tablet computing, transforming the way people communicate, consume and create content, play games and learn. The iPad LCD’s Mobile IPS technology combines with its innovative Multi-Touch user interface and unique system design to enable the iPad’s versatility in numerous applications. The iPad display provides a superior viewing experience with a minimized gamma shift over viewing angles, enabling designers to create innovative apps that further enhance the viewing experience.

Samsung earned the runner up position in both categories with its Samsung Mobile Display On-cell Touch AMOLED screen, and the Galaxy S smartphone. Other award winners included the E Ink Triton color epaper display, and the ITRI flexible substrate for displays.

The 2011 Society for Information Display conference runs from May 15 through May 20 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.