iPhone Kills In Japan, with 46% Smartphone Marketshare

Despite a slow start in the land of the rising sun, the iPhone is now apparently killing the Japanese smartphone market. Impress R&D issued a report (in Japanese) that said the iPhone 3G and 3GS have combined to take 46% of the smartphone market in this country, which would make it one of Apple's top markets.

MobileCrunch translated the report and noted that iPhone carrier Softbank has been aggressively marketing the device and offering it at a discount. Docomo, which carries both Android phones and BlackBerry devices has not done the same thing for those brands, where an HTC Android model is the #10 phone and the BlackBerry Bold is #11.

Interestingly, it is the iPhone 3G that holds the #1 spot, according to the report, with 24.6% market share, while the iPhone 3GS, the newest model, is #2 with 21.5% market share.