iPhone mini May Drop RAM Storage

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Apple’s rumored iPhone mini may cut more than its size, it may also lose its media storage memory, too. Instead, the smaller iPod smartphone combo may rely on the also rumored MobileMe cloud-based iTunes storage server for streaming content from user’s media libraries, according to Cult of Mac.

Accessing music, video and photos on the iPhone mini “would be a mostly cloud-based iOS,” according to Cult of Mac’s anonymous sources.

The rumored changes to MobileMe include a new Internet-based iTunes library storage system for iPhone users. Since content would be pushed wirelessly to them, the need for large amounts of RAM for local data storage would go away.

iPhone mini could ditch media storage

The notion that users would be able to stream their entire iTunes library may not, however, go over well with cell service providers. Relying on 3G data connections instead of Wi-Fi networks at least some of the time would push up iPhone user’s wireless data usage dramatically, and carriers may not want to deal with the extra network traffic.

Streaming user’s libraries also poses a problem in places where data connections aren’t available, such as many flights. Unless the iPhone mini includes at least some local storage for media, users won’t be able to listen to music or watch movies when they can’t get an Internet connection.

Presumably the iPhone mini would have at least some built-in storage so users could load apps and store their contacts and appointments on the device.

Apple isn’t commenting on the iPhone mini rumors, so for now reports of the device and its features should be taken with a grain of salt.


Vern Seward

Uh oh, There goes you data plan limits. I don’t believe this. Storage is cheap. If nothing else, the phone would have to support external storage with a card slot.



RAM or flash memory?


I call BS on this one.  With the price of FLASH memory coming down with each passing year, this would be a big move backward.  Mobile carriers would actually like this, as it would cost their customers more money in data connection charges.  Most users of such a device would need a higher tier data plan.

The inability to play music on a flight other other place w/o a data connection is a show stopper.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

They’re gonna have to do something drastic. Verizon is already essentially BOGO-ing the iPhone 4 wit FiOS.

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