iPhone OS 3.1: Prepping for MMS

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AT&T is finally rolling out iPhone MMS support on Friday, September 25, so everyone can start sending their friends pictures in text messages. Preparing for the update is easy and requires almost no effort on your part.

The special carrier update file that's needed to make MMS work on your iPhone should get pushed out late in the morning on Friday. Like other updates, it will be delivered through iTunes, so you'll have to connect your iPhone to your computer before it can be installed.

If iTunes isn't seeing the update, odds are it isn't available yet. You can click the Check for Update button under the Summary tab in iTunes while your iPhone is connected to keep checking for the update.

Once the update is available and installed, you'll be able to start sending pictures in your text messages without even having to restart your iPhone first. AT&T said that iPhone owners won't have to pay extra for MMS service -- it's included in the SMS packages we're already paying for.

The downside to MMS is that first generation iPhone owners can't take advantage of the feature. According to Apple and AT&T, only iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users can join in on the fun.


AT&T user

included in the SMS packages we’re already paying for.

SMS isn’t included in the base plan AFAIK, If I search for SMS on “My Rate Plan” page, I find nothing.

I find this if I look at options (“Manage Features”)

Phone Text Messaging Unlimited
$20.00   Unlimited

, and I find as part of my existing base plan:

Text Messaging - Pay Per Use   $0.20/MSG


If my information is correct, AT&T and this article are going to have many people with extra charges from the per message. A bit of fact checking would help. But if I’m wrong that’s great that MMS is included at no extra charge. It doesn’t help that MMS and SMS are used and very few know what they mean; and AT&T doesn’t have either term on their account pages.

AT&T user

A bit more proof reading would help, the first sentence of the last paragraph is a mess. After editing:

If my information is correct, this article is going to lead many people to incur extra charges from the per message cost using and trying out MMS.
None of the other articles I’ve read about this mention the charges either which would lead one to believe that no additional charges are involved.


It said that MMS is included in the SMS package, not that SMS is included in the iPhone data plan or AT&T basic service.  You have to pay for an SMS package separately, or else pay the per-message fee.  I hope this clarifies things for everyone.

AT&T User


Is “it” a reliable informant? Any references?

AT&T User

Finally found an it:

Given that I could send a 1 MB email at no cost on my iPhone embedding several photos, or a 100K SMS which requires either a $5 to $20 per month plan to send at no cost or a quarter to send without a plan - well, you can see what the mobile companies would prefer.

PS. I’m not already paying for this.

AT&T User


Sorry. I misread your response and the original article. In your case I just misread it. In the original article, I missed the “SMS” and got hung up on “we’re already paying for.” Well I doubt most of us are already paying for this. Certainly not all as the sentence implies.

I think I’d better go have a stiff drink, as I misread too much in this thread.

Some iPhone owners will have to pay more.

Sorry for running this thread on so long.


What makes this sad-funny is that the first-generation iPhone software was jailbroken and CAN send MMS messages.  Apple has just chosen to arbitrarily prevent this feature from working to encourage upgrades…

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