iPhone OS 4 Doesn’t Support Original iPhone

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Apple’s original iPhone apparently won’t be supported in the company’s summer release of iPhone OS 4. The news comes in the form of an email response from Apple CEO Steve Jobs to an email query, according to MacStories.

“Is Apple supporting/updating the iPhone 2G in the future?” asked someone going by the name Niko. Mr. Jobs replied, “Sorry, no.”

Apple introduced iPhone OS 4 during a special media event on April 8 where the company showed off new features such as multi-tasking support and nested folders for apps. The company also let users and developers know that some features, such as multi-tasking, would require at least an iPhone 3GS, leaving out the iPhone 3G and original iPhone.

The company wasn’t, however, clear on whether or not the original iPhone would get support for the same features as the iPhone 3G — and apparently the answer is “no.”

Apple plans to release iPhone OS 4.0 for the iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod touch some time this summer. iPad users will get the new OS update some time this fall.



is that ... Windows 2000 ....


Granted I’m inclined to believe this headline, but it is notably incongruent with the contents of the email cited. “In the future” could possibly mean that Apple is dropping support after OS 4.0, not immediately. Maybe Steve felt he had been clear that the 2G would run 4.0 during his keynote on Thursday, and therefore took “the future” to mean “after 4.0”. Again, I think it’s more likely that the iPhone 2G won’t be support in 4.0, but the facts at are disposal are a bit too vague at the moment.


No no no no no no. Right on the preview page, there is a section explaining the compatibility for OS 4.0: second-gen and up hardware. That’s been there since the keynote.

Stephen Swift

Compatibility listed on this page: http://www.apple.com/iphone/preview-iphone-os/


That’s better. Thanks guys.


Does everybody remember the harsh criticism and vitriol hurled at Apple and the iPhone for:

1. lack of multitasking
2. not allowing custom interfaces
3. approval for apps?

I guess hindsight is 20/20 and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

WiMP 7 tows the Apple line

Daniel Neal

With the exception of multitasking, has anyone said what additional features of OS 4.0 will not be supported on the iPhone 3G?


oh, no, seems kiding. iPhone OS 4 can’t compatible with Original iPhone? what’s the problem with it?
nowadays, Im study “Jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3GS on Mac “(ifunia iphone column)
and waiting the iphone OS multitasking


For a comparison, I purchased a copy of Windows Vista around the same time as Apple introduced the iPhone.

It is now “not supported”. Microsoft has advised Vista users to install patches ASAP to ensure that they can continue to receive “security updates”.

No-one has ever suggested that I should get a free upgrade to Windows Se7en, even though many people consider W7 simply a service pack for all the problems of Vista.


Why does everyone expect better treatment from Apple in supporting old software than from Microsoft? OK, sorry I asked.


Why does everyone expect better treatment from Apple in supporting old software than from Microsoft? OK, sorry I asked.

Running Windows Vista without any service packs installed is like running Mac OS X 10.4.0. Seriously, you wouldn’t question the need to have installed the latest updates to 10.4.11, so why are you questioning the need to have the latest Windows Service Pack for Vista?


Why does everyone expect better treatment from Apple in supporting old software than from Microsoft? OK, sorry I asked.

Software support isn’t the issue here, hardware support is.

MS won’t prevent you from running W7 on 2007 hardware, in fact it’ll likely run better.

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