iPhone OS 4 to Include Multitask Support

| Rumor

Along with the introduction of a tablet computer, Apple is expected to introduce iPhone OS 4.0 during its special media event on January 27, and the latest rumors claim the new iPhone OS will include the ability to run third-party applications in the background, according to Boy Genius Report.

Along with multitasking for background apps, iPhone OS 4.0 will allegedly include system-wide multi-touch support, OS interface improvements that make navigation easier, and improved contacts and calendar syncing. Apparently the 4.0 update will be compatible with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, but not the original iPhone model.

Boy Genius Reports claimed the information came from a reliable connection at Apple, but until the company reveals exactly what's in store for iPhone OS 4.0 this information should be treated as nothing more than another pre-media event rumor.


John Wentworth

I really hope this is true, multitasking my slacker radio app is the one feature I really want and I don’t want to jailbreak and lose stability to do it, otherwise I’m very happy with 3.1


Ah. Left behind! I’m still using a 2G.

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