iPhone Owners More Loyal Than Android Users

iPhone owners are more than twice as loyal to their smartphone OS than owners of Android-powered devices, according to a survey from German market research firm GfK. Granted early access to the survey results to be released later today, Reuters reported that GfK found that 59% of iPhone owners planned to stay loyal to iOS, whereas only 28% of Android device owners could say the same.

Interestingly, it was BlackBerry that came in #2 in OS loyalty, with 35% of those users saying they panned on buying another BlackBerry device, a percentage just over half (59.3%) the OS loyalty Apple commands, and 46% higher than Android users. It would appear there is still some juice in the phrase CrackBerry.

21% of Microsoft Windowsmobilewhatever owners planned to stay loyal to that OS, though we should note that it is likely that most of the Windowsmobilewhatever users that participated in the survey were users of the previous version of that platform, and not the new, recently launched Windows Phone 7 version.

In any event, 24% of Nokia’s Symbian platform planned on sticking with that platform. All OSes combined averaged out to have 25% consumer loyalty, making Apple’s customers the standout by a wide margin.

The survey was conducted among 2,653 mobile phone users in Brazil, Germany, Spain, the UK, the U.S., and China. In addition to the above-mentioned smartphone-specific statistics, the survey also found that 37% of cell phone users planned on upgrading to a smartphone for their next purchase.