iPhone Sees 55% of Mobile Ad Hits in July from Independent Ad Network

Apple’s iPhone customers were responsible for some 55% of mobile ad hits during July, according to data from independent mobile ad network Millennial Media. The firm said that 55% of the ads its network delivered to mobile handsets went to Apple’s iPhone, while 19% went to Google’s Android platform.

The firm is but one mobile ad network , and it’s smaller than Google’s AdMob and Apple’s Quattro Wireless network, but the firm remains independent, and is thus free to release stats (that then garner press). According to eWeek, Millennial Media said its ads reach 63 million mobile users in the U.S., which it said is 81% of the market in this country.

55% of ads served is down 1% from June, when iPhone users got 56% of ads served. Android, on the other hand, grew from 11% in June to 19% in July. The firm said that Motorola’s Droid smartphone was the key driver in Android’s overall growth.