iPhone: Smaller Camera Roll, Faster Backups

The iPhone can take seemingly forever to complete a data backup, especially when you are upgrading operating system -- like to the new iPhone OS 3.0. One way to trim down that backup time is by cutting down the number of photos in your iPhone's Camera Roll.

  • To reduce your Camera Roll size, do this:
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac and launch iPhoto.
  • Select your iPhone in iPhoto's Devices list.
  • Click Import All
  • Click Delete Originals after the photo import completes.

Deleting extra photos can speed up iPhone backups.

Windows XP users can import and delete photos from their iPhone with the Scanner and Camera Wizard, and Windows Vista users can import photos with the Windows Photo Gallery application.

You can always add the best photos back to your iPhone after they've been downloaded to your computer, so you can keep those special shots close at hand.