iPhone Software 3.0 to Have Voice Capabilities?

When version 3.0 of the iPhone's operating system is released this summer, it may include speech and voice recognition capabilities, allowing users to not only speak commands but also have the handset respond to those statements. Ars Technica says the technology goes by the code name "Jibbler" and will be part of the iPhone's SpringBoard software, which launches applications and will offer a search function in OS 3.0.

Jibbler's speech capability is said to be similar to the new iPod shuffle's ability to speak playlist and track names, with the added feature of real-time voice synthesis. Ars Technica said that the existence of Voice Services functions in OS 3.0 may allow developers to access the technology too.

Whether this new technology will work in existing iPhones or will require new hardware expected to be released this summer remains to be seen.