iPhone Stand Goes Steampunk

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If the current batch of iPhone stands feel a little too sleek and modern, maybe it’s time to go retro — or at least steampunk. Artist Scott Freeland’s iRetrofone iPhone stand is about as steampunk as it gets, and it fits the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4.

Scott Freeland’s iRetrofone Stand

The iRetrofone includes an opening for a Dock connector cable for syncing and charging, and the included handset really works for phone calls. The stand is made from half inch-thick urethane resin, making it durable and stable.

At US$450, it isn’t cheap, but we’re sure one would look pretty slick on our desks at the TMO Towers.


Lee Dronick

Okay, that has a lot of class


You suppose Apple’d pay for that case? I mean, it does solve the antenna problem, right?

Lee Dronick

You suppose Apple?d pay for that case

That would be nice. I would bet that Steve Jobs has one.


I absolutely LOVE that the handset works.

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