iPhone to Come to Guam Dec. 11

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GTA TeleGuam has announced that it will launch the iPhone 3G and 3GS in the US territory of Guam on Dec. 11. TeleGuam’s 3G network covers about 80 percent of the island; it expects to reach the entire nation early next year.

Customers in Guam can start pre-ordering the iPhone now. An MPULSE wireless subscription plan is required, along with a two-year service commitment. Pricing on the handsets is the same as it is in the US, and GTA TeleGuam offers three tiers of service plans.

12/7/09, 11:15 AM EST: Fixed first paragraph in response to comment.


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Lee Dronick

“adding to the nearly 100 countries where the handheld is currently available… Pricing on the handsets is the same as it is in the US”

Isn’t Guam a territory of the United States of America? It’s where America’s day begins. smile

Brad Cook

Yikes. I should have known that. I guess that’s what happens when you start work at 5 AM (and normally you start around 8). Thanks for pointing that out, Harry.

Lee Dronick

No problem Brad. When I was in the US Navy I spent a good bit of time in Guam and enjoyed my time there very much.

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