iPhoto 09: Changing Key Photos in Faces

iPhoto '09 includes a cool feature called Faces that uses some coding wizardry to group together images of the same person from your iPhoto library. iPhoto uses the image you first selected when identifying someone as their key photo in the Faces view, but you can always change that later with a couple of mouse clicks.

Start by picking the Faces pic you want to change...

To chance someone's Faces key photo, do this:

  • Click Faces in iPhoto '09's Library column to display the Faces view.
  • Now Double-click on a face to display all of the images associated with that person.

...then choose a different pic...

  • Control-click on the photo you want to use as the key image and then choose Make Key Photo from the contextual pop-up menu.

...to set a new key photo.

Since many iPhoto libraries include pictures of family and friends at different ages, this is an easy way to pick a current photo for someone's Faces picture.